Adam and Eve, Swampy Cree Version (of Creation Myth) (2003, English)
The Adventures of Chakawbesh: The Giant Bears (2003, English)
The Adventures of Tcikápis (Albany Version) (1911, English)
The Adventures of Tcikápis (Rupert’s House Version) (1911, English)
Adventure With The Stone (1929, English)
Aiasheu (1969, English)
Atce’n (1925, English)
Atǝkwabe’o, The Hunter Who Marries The Caribou (1925, English)
Atsen, The Cannibal Giant (1925, English)
Ayajeo’s Wives With Fore-arms Like Awls (1925, English)
Ayas·i (1915, English)


The Bear Abductor (1925, English)
The Bear and the Child (2010, English & Naskapi)
The Beaver Wife (1911, English)
Big Skunk (2017, Woods Cree & English)
The Black Bear (1969, English)
The Black Bear and The Cranberries (2003, English)
The Blindfold Dance (1929, English)
Boy Raised by a Bear (1969, English)
Le brochet (1984, French)
The Burning of the World (1911, English)


Cahkâpîs (2022, Woods Cree & English)
The Cannibals (1911, English)
The Cannibal, Mamiltehe’o, ‘He Who Has A Hairy Heart’ (1925, English)
Chakawbesh and the Women of the Giants (2003, English)
Cheeoshawash (1972, English)
Le chien (1984, French)
Chichipischekwan (Rolling Head) (1929, English)
Le corbeau, le renard, et le lézard (1984, French)
Čowa (1938, English)
Creation of People by The Wolverine and The Muskrat (1894, English)


The Deer and the Squirrel (1894, English)
The Devil Punishing a Liar (1894, English)
The Dwarf People, Apci’lnic (1925, English)


The Eagle (1969, English)
The Embarrassment of the Cranberry Partners (1925, English)
L’enfant qui vécut avec l’ours (1984, French)


The Fatherless Child (2014, English)
Fight With The Grizzly Bear (1929, English)
The Flight of Wesakaychak (1929, English)
The Flood (1929, English)
The Four Wind Brothers (1915, English)
Frog and Hare Are Hunting Partners (1925, English)


The Giant Carried Off By The Eagle (1915, English)
Grand Falls (1969, English)


The Handicap Race (1929, English)
The Hooting Owl & The Babbling Owl – Ernest Sutherland’s Version (2003, English)
The Hooting Owl & The Babbling Owl – Simeon Matthew’s Version (2003, English)
How the Summer Birds Were Stolen and Brought North (1925, English)
How the Summer Season Was Brought North (1941, English)
The Hunter Who Married The Beaver (1925, English)


An Indian’s Adventure (1881, Moose Cree & English)
The Indian and His Beaver Wife (1894, English)


Känwéo and the Cannibals (1911, English)
Katshinestunau (1969, English)
Kimucuminao, le vent du nord (1984, French)
Kingfisher and Woodpecker; The Bungling Host (1925, English)


A Legend (1972, English)
Legend of the Big Rock from Which Lake Mistassini Takes Its Name (1925, English)
The Legend of Iroquois Falls (1911, English)
Legend of North Star (1925, English)
The Legend of Stag Rock (1911, English)
Legend of Wesakayjack and the Loon (1990, English)
The Little Bird’s Arrow (1929, English)


Maminteu (1969, English)
The Markings on the Birch Trees (1929, English)
La marmotte: akokatic (1984, French)
Me’jo “Talks to Himself.” Origin of the Sweat Lodge, and Birch Bark Utensils (1925, English)
Memekwe’zu, The Narrow Faced Spirit (1925, English)
Messou (1633 & 1634, English)
Me’tco, The Eagle Abductor (1925, English)
The Mink and the Lobsters (2003, English)
Mishi Shigak, Big Skunk (1911, English)
Mistabeo Tries to Kill The Giant Beavers (1925, English)
Mistaganash (2003, English)
Mosquitoes (2021, English)


Omuku:čew (1934, English)
Origin of The Beluga (1925, English)
Origin of The Big Dipper (1950s, English)
Origin of the Whitish Spot on the Throat of the Marten (1894, English)
The Origin of Pike (1925, English)
Origin of the Races of Man (1991, English)


Path of the Souls (1634, English)
The Penis (1969, English)
The Pike (2003, English)


 The Rabbit and The Frog (1894, English)


Shawinisi et Kiwetisini (1984, French)
Short Story About the Mosquito (1985, English)
The Snow Man (1913, English)
The Son of Aioswé (1911, English)
The Snake and the Woman (1969, English)
The Spirit Guiding a Child Left by its Parents (1894, English)
The Stars That Married Sisters (1911, English)
The Starving Wolverine (1894, English)
Story About a Little Boy (1969, English)
Story of a Cannibal (1913, English)
Story of the Wolverine (1894, English)
Story of the Wolverine and the Brant (1894, English)
The Summer Brought North and the Origin of the Constellation Ursus Major (1925, English)


Tcahkāpēc (1935, English)
Tcakāpis story (1935, Southern Coastal East Cree)
Tcepē’wits, Not Born (1927-1928, English)
Tchakabech (1637, English)
Tcīgibis, The Hell Diver (1911, English)
Tcĭkāpĭc (1927, English)
Tchikabesh (1984, French)
Tchikabesh et les géants (1984, French)
Tsǝka’bec (1925, English)
Tsǝka’bec Departs and Promises to Return Again (1925, English)
Tsǝka’bec Marries The Daughters of a Cannibal (1925, English)
Tsǝka’bec Marries The Daughters of Mictabeo (1925, English)
Tsǝka’bec Snares The Moon (1925, English)
Tsǝqa’bec Snares the Moon and Gets into It, Becoming the Man in the Moon (1925, English)
Tsǝqa’bec Snares the Sun, and Becomes Transformed into It (1925, English)
Tsǝka’bec, The Swing, and The Two Beautiful Cannibal Girls (1925, English)
Tsǝka’bec Transforms Mink (1925, English)
A Typical Cree Anecdote (1948, Plains Cree)


The Venturesome Hare (1894, English)
The Virgin Birth (1911, English with some Latin censored portions)


The Wanderings of Bad Woman and Good Woman (2003, English)
The Water-Hen (1933, English)
Wemishus (1911, English)
Wesakaychak and The Cannibal (1929, English)
Wesakaychak and The Geese (1929, English)
Wesakaychak and The Hairy Hearts (1929, English)
Wesakaychak and The “Startlers” (1929, English)
Wesakaychak and The Thunderbird (1929, English)
Wesakaychak and the Tomtits (1929, English)
Wesakaychak’s Buffalo (1929, English)
Wesakaychak Destroys The Great Moose (1929, English)
Wesakaychak’s Exit (1929, English)
Wesakaychak Kills The Crimson Eagle (1929, English)
Wesakaychak Looks For His Younger Brother (1929, English)
Wesakaychak Makes Bows and Arrows (1929, English)
Wesakaychak Makes a Pound (1929, English)
Wesakaychak Rescues His Brother (1929, English)
Wesakaychak Rides on the Moon (1929, English)
Wesakaychak Snares The Sun (1929, English)
When Memegwecios Saw Man the First Time (1938, English)
Whiskey-Jack Man and Tsǝqa’bec Marry the Daughters of the Cannibal Woman (1919, English)
White Whale (1969, English)
Why James Bay is Salt (1911, English)
Why People Have Lice (1969, English)
Wiságatchak (1911, English)
Wîsahkecâhkw’s Belt (2017, Woods Cree & English)
Wisahkecahk Migrates South (2016, Woods Cree & English)
Wīsakētcāhk (1935, English)
Wisekejak Fragment (1927, English)
Wi:ssakeca:kw (1978, Atikamekw & English)
The Witigo or ‘Cannibal‘ (1925, English)
The Wolf and the Otter (1911, English)
The Wolf’s Daughter Going to Seek Her Lover (1894, English)
A Wolverine Destroys His Sister (1894, English)
The Wolverine and The Rock (1894, English)
Wolverine Story (1927, English)
The Woman and The Dog (1969, English)
The Woman and Her Snake Lover (2003, English)
Woodchuck and Her Children (1925, English)


The Younger Boy Becomes Wolf (1929, English)
The Young Man Who Went to Live with the Deer (1894, English)

ᑳ ᐴᓂ ᐱᒫᑎᓰᑦ ᒋᐦᑳᐹᔥ (2012, Northern East Cree)

ᓈᐯᔥ ᑲᔦ ᐊᓐ ᓈᐯᐤ ᑰᓂᐦᒡ ᑳ ᐃᓯᓈᑯᓯᑦ (1993, Southern Coastal East Cree)

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